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Fishing Gear

FLY RODS:  Bonefish: 7, 8, or 9 wt rods with matching reels, and floating tropical (bonefish) matching line.  12-17 lb. leaders, 9 -12 foot in length.  (Nothing smaller than 10 lb leaders), 12-20 lb tippet spools.


TARPON: 10, 11, or 12 wt rods with matching reels and matching floating Tarpon lines. (These rods can also be used off shore for Dorado). 60-100 lb. shock tippet leaders.

Permit: 9 or 10 wt rods with matching reels and matching floating tropical line.  9 foot 17/20 lb leaders.

SPIN RODS:  light tackle rods with 12-16 lb. test for bonefish.  15-20 lb. test with wire leader for barracuda.   30-80 lb. heavy rods with roller tip for off shore Dorado, Wahoo, and Tuna fishing.

FLY PATTERNS:     Our guides highly recommend the use of high-quality hooks, especially for Tarpon and Permit flies.   Sizes 2 and 4 with a few 6’s with high quality hooks.  Gotchas, Crazy Charlie’s, Clousers, Rag Head Crab, Merkin Crab Patterns all patterns with a light or cream color version and a tan version (call or email us for specific patterns for your trip).  Bead eyes and lead eyes, no weed guards necessary.   Make sure to use high quality hooks for all species.  (tarpon flies, cockroach and toads size 1, 1/0, 2/0).

Fly Clouser Fly Cochroach Fly Deceiver
Fly Rag Head Crab Fly Tarpon Pattern Fly Gotcha

LURES:  green tube lures for barracudas, tan or pink/white bucktail jigs for bonefish, bait hooks, casting lures and trolling feathers for Dorado and Tuna, the standard cedar plug is also a good stand–by.

OTHER GEAR: appropriate fly reels with 200-250 yards of backing, appropriate floating fly lines, extra fly lines, saltwater pliers, clippers, extra tippet material, and 80-100lbs shock tippet.

FLY LINES:  Match the line weight to your rod.  There is no need to over line weight your rod.   Choose a tropical floating saltwater line.   250 feet of Gel Spun 30 lb. backing is sufficient for the target species. (Fly shops will add backing to your reel upon purchase of the reel or spool).

Many companies have species specific, or saltwater tropical lines.  It is important to have a line made for warmer water temperatures.  A line made for colder water will “melt” the coating when trying to cast and will not hold its shape, much like the warm water lines will “freeze” the coating and crack in the colder temperatures.    Please stay away from the clear lines.  It is important for you and your guide to work together, the guides have a much easier time seeing a line with color land on the water versus the clear or invisible line.  The only time you would need a sink tip or intermediate line (on an extra spool) is for off shore fishing for Dorado, or Tuna, but even then we have great success with floating lines.

Recommended Gear*

  • Wide Brim Hat
  • Sun Mask
  • Sun Gloves
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Socks for boat deck
  • Tropical wading boots
  • Boat/Deck shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Repellent (Skin-So-Soft or Skintastic)
  • Rain Jacket and Rain Pants
  • Lightweight fishing shirt (2)
  • Lightweight fishing long pants (2)
  • Hemostats/ fishing plyers/clippers
  • Camera
  • Mini flash light
  • Personal items

Normally horseflies are present during the months of late March to October. For this reason, we recommend that you bring insect repellent.

*We also offer a complimentary laundry service that is done daily, therefore allowing our clients to travel lightly.  Dress on the island is casual.

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What our Guests Say

  • ~ L. Dal Lago, Idaho, USA

    "“We really enjoyed our time at the lodge.  Working and fishing with Prescott Smith was fantastic.  He is a phenomenal instructor. Chef Stacy’s food was awesome!  The tender cracked conch and peas and rice were the best ever! Her passion is definitely reflected in her cooking.”"

  • ~ Carl Pontello (a.k.a “Milkman”), Michigan

    "“A professional operation, but warm and friendly.  The guides are first-rate.”"

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