What To Bring

The following is a suggested list of fly rods, flies and leaders to bring when fishing at Stafford Creek Lodge. For the upcoming season, a selection of flies will be available from guides at the Lodge. Other items include: appropriate fly reels with 200-250 yards of backing, appropriate floating fly lines, extra fly lines, saltwater pliers, clippers, extra tippet material, and 80-100lbs shock tippet.

Our guides highly recommend the use of high quality hooks, especially for Tarpon and Permit flies.

Personal Gear
2-3 tropical Shirts
2 pair tropical shorts
2 pair long tropical pants
Foul weather jacket
White socks for boat deck
Tropical wading boots
Boat/Deck shoes

Repellent (Skin-So-Soft or Skintastic)
Polarized sun glasses
Personal items
Sun gloves
Camera & film

Normally horseflies are around during the months of late March to October. For this reason, we recommend that you bring insect repellent.

*We also offer a complimentary laundry service that is done daily, therefore allowing our clients to travel lightly.

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Environmental Conservation

The Bahamas Sportsfishing & Conservation Association (BSCA) is dedicated to the preservation of marine and coastal systems in the Caribbean, the protection of the sport fish in this remarkable fishery, and the sustainability of economic benefits the sportfishing industry provides to the Bahamian people.
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What our Guests Say

  • ~ Mark & Sharon Lance, Denver, CO

    "Thanks for a enjoyable and memorable week at Stafford Creek Lodge.  Your staff was fantastic, the service was great, and the food superb.  Everyone made us feel right at home.  The fly fishing lived up to our expectations and beyond.  Your experienced, friendly and helpful guides are the best around.  We cannot wait to get back to Stafford Creek Lodge.”"

  • ~ Dr. D Sinn, Dallas, TX

    "“The fishing is the BEST.  The guides work very hard and the food is GOURMET!  J have never fished and found a grand slam daily as I did last year on the west side of Andros.  Can’t always get them to eat, but that’s why we call it fishing.  My favorite fishing adventure every year.  What more could you ask for?”"

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